Caitlin Morrissey @ Optimal Sport 1315 & Optimal Gym

Caitlin Morrissey @ Optimal Sport 1315 & Optimal Gym
Mobility, Functional Movement, Strength and conditioning, Olympic Lifting and Power lifting, High Intensity Interval Training, Weight management.

Instagram: cmtrain215

Bio: “I want to help create the best, strongest version of each individual. I want to prepare you to take on challenges inside and outside the gym, and anything life throws your way. Fitness is about more than just looking better or a number on a scale. Fitness is about feeling stronger, powerful, and independent. Fitness is about growing as a person each and every day. I love when my clients reach above and beyond a goal, so its my job to you to create an environment for you to hone your strength; not only physical, but mental and emotional as well. Fitness and training helped shape me into a better and stronger person, and It is my responsibility to pass that gift on to as many people as I can.”

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