David Deming @ Optimal Sport 1315

David Deming @ Optimal Sport 1315
Body Building 87%
Strength Training 75%
Weight Loss Management 70%

Training Philosophy: I look at the body through eyes that know how it was made over millions of years of evolution because of my educational background in Biological Anthropology.

Experience: I have been a personal trainer for 4 years and have a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University in Biological Anthropology, a minor in Biology specialized in Pre-Med, and am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Cell and Developmental Biology at Thomas Jefferson University.

Fitness Tip: Understanding your body scientifically allows you to reach your fitness goals at your fullest potential.

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A show that focuses on fitness, cutting edge science, current events, and society. Our episodes discuss science news and facts in an easy and approachable manner. We want to educate and not denigrate! Live every Sunday at 7pm EST!



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