Melanie Craig @ Optimal Sport Newtown

Melanie Craig @ Optimal Sport Newtown

“Championships are not won on the night of an event, but years before by atheltes who commit themselves daily to championship principles.” -Dick Devenzio

As a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist, Melanie Craig’s specialty populations include those with medical restrictions, rehabilitative needs, strength training goals, and prenatal/post-partum fitness needs.

Being Type 1 diabetic for 18 years has made her proficent in nutrition management. She is a mother of twins who has gone through a personal transformation post pregnancy.

Melanie has obtained a degree from Millersville University in English and Psychology. The psychology of an athelete is very important to their success in training.

Her philosphy as a coach and trainer is to stay safe, be commited, and always exhibit a positive, sportsmen-like attitude. Every athlete should enjoy what they do, and be enthusiastic about attacking their personal goals each day.

Students, mothers, and all individuals with goals require different programs and types of attention. Individuals that she works with will transform them into the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives by making their health and strength a priority.

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