Kelly Seng @ Optimal Sport 1315

Kelly Seng @ Optimal Sport 1315
NASM-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) 200HR-RYT (Certified Yoga Teacher)
Injury prevention
Mobility and prehab
Post rehab fitness
Working through pain/limitations/muscular imbalances
Goal directed functional training
Body composition

I believe we are designed to move daily! I offer training based on your goals that incorporates cardio and calisthenics to get out of your head, corrective exercises and mobility work to prevent injury and improve quality of life, and effective strength training that focuses on form, technique, intention, and intensity. I enjoy watching clients gain confidence by increasing strength and fitness, and find ease in daily activities by increasing mobility and overcoming pain and limitations. In my experience the key to results is diligence and consistency over time. I’m excited to guide you on your workout journey!

Facts about Kelly Seng @ Optimal Sport 1315 -
BS Kinesiology- Temple University Doctor of Physical Therapy Student- Temple University