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  • I’m a Zumba lover…

    I’m a Zumba lover and Optimal delivers. Great instructors! I also just added the spinning classes to my routine and have loved my experience. This is just a great, affordable community.

    Sara M.

  • I love the variety of classes…

    Thank you Optimal for giving me great classes at an affordable price! I love the variety of classes and the great instructors. I love this community!

    Ellen H.

  • It is the friendliest gym I have ever been to…

    I love coming to Optimal because it is the friendliest gym I have ever been to.  The staff are consistently friendly and helpful, and the clientele is also very friendly.  I feel very much at home at Optimal.

    Thank you so much for a great…no, an Optimal experience!

    Janet N.

  • I just want to say THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!…

    I just wanted to say thank you!!!! THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Your class, advice and encouragement have helped me significantly on my “fit to 40” journey (June 2). I started back in December… running on the treadmill and occasionally doing some weights. I was 179lbs- the largest I have been in my life not pregnant!! On my 5 foot frame that is a pretty intense size!!! I wasn’t seeing much change on my own…then your class began. I figured I’d give it a try for the free month and decide my next move after that. After the first month I lost 2 inches and 1% body fat!! That was enough for me to join and continue to work at changing my eating habits. As you know today was very emotional for me and a huge surprise. Not even 2 months since the start of this class and my weight is down to …163lbs!! I also am down 1% more on my body fat!! I look forward to that measurement check every 2 weeks and am hooked on watching my progress. I know I am the one doing the work…but I also know…I have tried this many times with no success…and the change in my life has been meeting you. Thank you!…

    Krista Kopf

  • I was bored with my routine…

    I took a personal trainer up on his offer to try a training session at Optimal.  I was fifty, had been working out for decades, and still had close to 160 pounds on my 5’2″ frame.  I was bored with my routine, in fact I remember even lying on one of the ab machines with my head phones in and I yawned super loud and he witnessed it, although I’m not sure he remembers. My training began with half hour sessions and I was hooked.  The two half hour sessions per week eventually developed into 3 hour sessions and I loved trying to become the best I could be, from a fitness perspective.  The startling thing about it is I didn’t know what I was capable of, and I loved exploring it, pushing the envelope, and seeing how far I could go, all under his coaching.  I was always surprised when someone asked me if I was training for something, as I was in it simply for fitness and, well, I loved it.  However in March, we decided to power lifting competitions a try.  On May 26 I competed in the New England Open Power lifting Championships as a Masters lifter in the 132 pound weight category.  Although there are things to work on, we won the Best Female Lifter
    Award in the meet.  I say we, because without the efforts of my trainer and coach, it would have been impossible.  USA Power lifting Raw Nationals are on the horizon in August.

    Things I learned:

    1.  You can’t have good form without good coaching.  And you can’t have good lifts without good form.

    2.  There are always more goals to achieve and things to work on.

    3.  Trust your trainer.  He or she has a plan.  Go with it and stay the course.  You will be surprised with the results.

    Thank you for creating such a welcoming environment at the gym. From the start of my membership a couple of months ago, I knew that I had found a home. I find other members to be very warm, generous of their time and sharing of healthy lifestyle information. –

    JoAnne Craig

  • This is truly a gym for all ages…

    The Optimal Sport Health Club is one of the most inviting and comfortable fitness centers I have ever participated in.  The atmosphere is energetic, the facilities are simple and clean, the equipment is up-to-date, and the staff is super helpful and friendly.  I am a senior citizen and really enjoy the large selection of Yoga and Silver Sneaker classes that are offered.  The Yoga instructors are top notch.  This is truly a gym for all ages!

    Amparo Harpel

  • After taking the class I saw results almost immediately…

    I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much the functional training classes (The Optimal Workout) have changed the way I work out. As an avid gym rat I used to work out every day and take classes but my body just wasn’t responding the way I wanted it to. After taking your class I saw results almost immediately. It was as if my entire body was shocked. I learned how to properly squat, lunge, lift, and even mountain climb. These were all moves I have done throughout the years in classes but I was not doing them effectively. My legs, core, and arms have all seen a major change and even my running has improved. Again, thank you so much for your motivation every Monday and Wednesday and for giving me the tools to train effectively.

    Kristin M.

  • Functional training (The Optimal Workout) is the greatest invention ever!….

    Functional training (The Optimal Workout) is the greatest invention ever. For years I have had issues with a slipped disk and have relied on having a stable core to support my injury. That changed for me after my C-section 19 months ago. I have been struggling with pain since. For the first time since my jiu-jitsu training prior to my pregnancy, I have found a workout that I am confident that will give me the strength required to meet the physical demands of parenting, and living pain free. Although the workouts are strenuous, I feel safe that the trainers are knowledgeable and pay close attention to each of us.  The trainers that coach offer differing styles while focusing on the fundamentals needed. My husband and I look forward to the classes and also appreciate that a new work out is introduced each month.  You can tell a lot of thought and care is put into each class.
    There are many things I love about the club, however something that is critical for our family is that our 19 month old son is happy in the child care area. Child care is actually what prompted me to seek out a new gym. At the gym I formerly belonged to, he would rarely last an hour. And every time I checked on him, he looked miserable. At Optimal, any time I have ever walked by, he appears to be having a great time. There are plenty of toys, lots of other little ones offering to “look after him” for me, and best of all, the staff is wonderful. They are very nice to me and great with the kids.
    In closing, I just have to add, that the free coffee and tea is a really nice touch.  That is a thoughtful addition to a great facility.
    We appreciate everything that you all do and look forward to meeting our fitness goals at Optimal for years to come.

    Tara Mothersbaugh

  • I am working with a very knowledgeable trainer…

    I joined Optimal after having been a member at another fitness facility for many years. I needed a change and wanted to totally re-assess my fitness goals. Optimal has exceeded my expectations! I am working with a very knowledgeable trainer, who challenges me to work towards my goal of having a stronger core, better balance and greater overall physical fitness. These are all my goals as I am getting older and the folks at Optimal “get it.”
    It’s got good selection of cardio equipment and rowing machines which clinched it for me!

    Heshie Z.

  • The facilities are perfectly clean and well maintained…

    I was really impressed by the space, the service, and the equipment.
    -While there I went during slow times and peak times.  I found that I could always get a good workout and that the few times I asked to work in that people were very friendly.
    -While not a huge space, they layout makes it so easy to navigate and there is room to breathe between machines.
    -The facilities are perfectly clean and well maintained.  I’m pretty picky about a clean bathroom/locker room so I really appreciated their attention here.
    -The people at the desk and the floor were all extremely friendly and helpful.
    – All this and I found out the cost of the gym is a fraction of my NYC standard.  If I lived in the area I would definitely be here everyday!!!

    Harris M.

  • I reached my goals beyond my expectations..

    Cannot say enough about this gym, not only have I reached goals beyond my expectation, I am constantly cheered on by the owners and trainers when I workout! This is the best gym in the city! Hands down!

    Mark M.

  • The classes are top notch..

    They’re serious about fitness, nutrition, and overall well being.  Actually, it’s more like a community than a gym.  The members are friendly and many have been going there for years, just like me.  The atmosphere is supportive and encouraging, as are the staff and trainers.  The classes, especially the spin, are top-notch and have a very dedicated following, although are also extremely welcoming to new members. They even have hosted member appreciation happy hours (which are indeed appreciated!) to get to know their members and encourage members to get to know each other better, outside of the gym environment.  They take suggestions for improvement seriously and put their members above all else when making decisions on equipment purchases, class schedules, and other amenities.  I tell these guys thank you for everything they do for the gym and the community all the time, but I wanted to write this review as a way to thank them as well.  And I hope that it encourages you to check it out and experience the Optimal way!

    Kara M.

  • I just tried one of the yoga classes and she was amazing…

    I just tried one of the yoga classes and she was amazing! There was only about 8 of us in the class and she took time to speak to each of us directly and correct as we went along. Looking forward to making her class a regular on my schedule! It’s a great deal to have classes included in the monthly membership cost.

    Ashley M.

  • I have never been to a cleaner, friendlier…

    I have never been to a cleaner, friendlier, more affordable gym in my life. The incredibly attractive staff doesn’t hurt either. No lunk heads here, just real people hitting it hard.

    William Roletter

  • Best gym ever…

    Best gym ever i love it its a great gym to work out at.

    Jonathan Sanabria

  • The BEST gym I’ve been to…

    The BEST gym I’ve been to .. literally have everything I need and more.
    Great Staff, Clean Facility, & just makes you feel at home.

    Ny Moss

  • Excellent customer service..

    The managers are great and reached out to me when I had a problem with billing. I truly appreciate it! The managers showed me excellent customer service! The staff always greets you when you come in. It’s not overly crowded. The machines are always available. Also, there is always good music playing to get you pumped up. I will would refer anyone to join!

    Sonya Nelson

  • Helped me lose 80lbs..!

    Great place! Helped me lose 80#. The staff provides constant encouragement. Everyone is great! I have used the Newtown facility for 6 years now.

    Agha Shahid Hasan

  • Joined this place about 1 month ago and I’m feeling it..

    Chris Cane

  • My health has improved in a very short time

    I really enjoy going here. The equipment is excellent and the trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. my health has improved in a very short time…

    Mark Melmed