Steven Sweigard @ Optimal Sport Newtown

Steven Sweigard @ Optimal Sport Newtown


-NPC: Men’s Physique Competitor-Nationally Qualified; 2014

I started lifting weights when I turned 13 years old by sneaking in the gym with my dad.  By 14 I was of age to work out on my own and I never looked back!

It has been over 20 years now with half of my lifting experience more geared towards sports performance. I played almost everything growing up with my main sports being soccer and ice hockey.  I have also dabbled in martial arts, Jiu Jitsu, swimming, diving, baseball and lacrosse.

After highschool, when the sports ended, I became more interested in bodybuilding and took the next 15 years really working on my physique.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I stepped my game up, hired a coach, and trained hard with the goal of competing in the Mens Physique Division of the NPC.

Since March of 2014 I’ve done three shows placing 8th, 14th and 4th, thus qualifying me with a national competition invite.

As for my work experience, I’ve worked in the personal training field for over 8 years now, holding 2 national certifications.

I have worked with a variety of people both male and female, young and old, whose goals have ranged from sport-specific and muscle building to fat loss and mobility.

I’m no stranger to the big gym setting and athletic training, as well as studio fitness, therapy techniques, and in-home training when the setting applies.

In 2010 I was certified as a Master Trainer working under in a medical fat loss program, which has drastically helped me improve both my personal fitness goals as well as the results I am now able to confidently achieve for my clients.

With all my years of success and my continued passion for fitness I look forward to the future for both my clients and myself in the hopes of continued greatness!

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